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Introducing our Hand Soap Liquid 5L, a household essential for pristine cleanliness! Here's why it's a must-have: Generous Size: A substantial 5 liters ensuring long-lasting freshness. Gentle on Skin: Formulated for gentle care, perfect for frequent use. Effective Cleansing: Powerful...

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Unveiling the Magic of Facial Tissues: More Than Just Dimensions In the realm of everyday essentials, facial tissues stand out as humble heroes, offering comfort and convenience. Let's embark on a fascinating journey into the world of facial tissues, delving...

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The dimensions of the hand towel is 17cm (tall) x 10cm (thick). The towel is made from virgin pulp and is 1ply with 80 meters worth per roll and there are 16 rolls per carton.   Looking for a cleaner...

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Gentle Yet Effective: Our alcohol-free formula ensures powerful germ protection without drying or irritating your skin. Convenient & Refillable: Designed for hassle-free refills, this 1L cartridge is perfect for frequent use, keeping your spaces consistently sanitized. Family-Safe Assurance: Feel confident...

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High quality interleaved paper towel   Softness and excellent wet strength  Ideal for users who prefer a traditional paper option for hand-drying  The smaller sized paper towel is ideal for children.  Size: 200 Sheets  40 pack per carton  1. Ultimate Versatility:...

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Sure, here's a brief description focusing on the usage and selling points of the Powder Free Vinyl Gloves: All-Purpose Protection: Shield your hands during household cleaning, cooking, or handling sensitive materials with these versatile vinyl gloves. Comfortable & Durable: Designed...


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The dimensions of the Slimline Towel is 23cm x 9cm. The towel is made of virgin pulp and is 1 ply with 200 sheets there is 20 packs per carton. ( dispenser is not included in purchase price if you would...

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The Ultraslim Towel is 22 x 9 cm in dimensions and this product is made with virgin pulp also is a single ply with 180 sheets per pack and has 18 packs per carton. ( dispenser is not included in...